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Yahrzeit Home Observances

Lighting a Yahrzeit Candle:

It is traditional to light a 24 hour candle at sundown when the observance of the yahrzeit starts. If you do not have a 24 hour candle available, one may light whatever candle or special light source that is handy. Some people choose to recite Proverbs 20:27"Ner Adonai Nishmat Adam" (The human soul is the lamp of God). Some have the custom of putting out photos of their loved one or sharing memories of them when they light the candle. If you need assistance finding a candle, please email

Prayer at Home:

The Jewish prayer in memory of the deceased is called E-l Malei Rachamim (God, full of compassion). While Kaddish is recited with a quarum of 10, this prayer may be recited individually. One may recite this prayer in English or Hebrew at home on the day of the yahrzeit / azkarah. If you don't know their Hebrew name (or they did not have one), English is welcome too.

E-l Malei Rachamim in Hebrew 👂 Hear it Sung [ Feminine Pronouns ] or [ Masculine Pronouns ]

E-l Malei Rachamim in Transliteration

E-l Malei Rachamim in English

E-l Malei Rachamim with non-gender specific language 👂 Hear it Sung

Visiting Graves:

Some maintain the custom of visiting graves of realtives around the time of their yahrzeit. If you need help locating a grave or need advice in this process, email

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