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Read the Haftarah


It is considered to bring merit to the memory of a loved one to take part in the service. Members and guests observing Yahrzeit are invited to read the weekly Haftarah portion in Hebrew or English. The Haftarah is a section of Prophets or Writings that follows the Torah reading. If you would like to read the Haftarah, let us know at

The weekly Haftarah can be found at HebCal. Click on the link for the weekly Parshah to see the Haftarah as well. Additionally, weekly Haftarot are published in our newsletter.

Blessings for the Haftarah: Hebrew, Transliteration, and English

👂 Listen to: Blessing Before and Blessing After the Haftarah

Tue, September 26 2023 11 Tishrei 5784