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Board of Directors

TBI has a 90-year tradition of passionate, dedicated, community leadership.

Our volunteer board is made up of members who want to guide and grow their Jewish community. They bring a range of experiences and involvement in each facet of the Temple- from the Torah School to the Shabbat services, Kiddush and kitchen, and community engagement. 

The board members lead committees that plan holiday programming, religious rituals, fundraising, community outreach, marketing and social media among others. If you're interested in helping out, you can reach out to the board directly or contact TBI! 

Contact: (Message will be copied to all board members)

(Blessing of the New Board)


5782/3 President and Board:

Max Barbanell (President)

Elizabeth Boroson (CoChair Operations POD + Membership)

Jacob Cunningham (Chair - Operations POD)

Yael Harris (Shul POD)

Alice Landolph (Vice President + Operations POD)

Raphael Leib (Treasurer + Chair of School POD)

Jerry Schneider (Operations POD)

Matt Share (Secretary + Operations POD)

Susan Stone  (Vice President + CoChair Shul POD)

Tali Tadmor (Chair - Shul POD)

5782/3 Special Appointments (Non Board Member) 

Harry Batt - Development Committee Chair

Rebbitzin Noémie Taylor - Rosner - Communications and Social Media Chair

Thank you to the 5781/2 President and Board:

Max Barbanell (President) - Membership Chair and Fundraising Co Chair, Jacob Cunningham (Secretary) - Security Chair and Ritual Co Chair, Georgia Gruzen - Fundraising Co Chair, Alice Landolph (Vice President) - Event, Social, and Centennial Celebration Co Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, Raphael Leib - Treasurer, Howard Pehr - Ritual Co Chair, Jerry Schneider - Building and Grounds Chair, Susan Stone (Vice President) - Reopening Co Chair and Event, Social, and Centennial Celebration Co Chair, Griffen Thorne - Ritual Co Chair










Thank you to the 5780/1 President and Board:

Libby Boroson, Michael Freedman, Ray Gill, Alice Landolph, Raphael Leib, Jonathon Markowski, Brian Pepper, Jerry Schneider, and Noémie Taylor-Rosner

Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783