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Yahrzeits and Kaddish


Yahrzeit (pl. Yahrzeits, Heb. Azkarah pl. Azkarot) - Date of the year when a person has passed away. Usually calculated based on the Hebrew date but sometimes observed on the Gregorian date. Relatives and friends will remember the person’s impact on their lives on this day. The Kaddish prayer is recited on the Shabbat prior to the Hebrew Date by the person’s: mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, or partner. It has become normative practice for friends and other relatives to recite the Kaddish prayer as well.

Our Synagogue maintains a list of yahrzeits for our members. If you would like to add a yahrzeit to the list, you will be reminded of it on a yearly basis. You will find the place to enter yahrzeit information in your member profile. If you do not have a member account, please email the information to

Traditional ways to honor the memory of a loved one include reciting Kaddish, participating in a Shabbat service, sponsoring a Kiddush (or making a donation), Lighting a Yahrziet Candle, reciting a prayer at home, and visiting cemeteries.

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