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Memorial Plaque

Recalling our loved ones who have passed during a synagogue service is not only an emotional experience, but also an expression of profound respect. It is believed that the living can bring honor to those passed by acts of piety and goodness, by living a moral and dignified life, and through charity and prayer.

TBI maintains several memorial boards of plaques bearing the names of deceased members or deceased loved ones of our members. If you would like, you may purchase a bronze plaque as a way of honoring your loved one, and as a way of supporting TBI. The cost for this is $500. The names of your loved ones will be read aloud on their yahrzeit each year.

If you would like to order a plaque, please fill out the form below as best you can. If there any details you're not sure about, you can leave them blank for now, and we can help verify. We will contact you throughout the process of ordering your plaque and help you through it. Contact for if you have any questions.

Our memorial boards generally show the Hebrew name of the deceased. Most traditionally, this is a patronymic name; for instance, Yonatan ben Moshe (Jonathan son of Moses), or Sarah bat Shmuel (Sarah daughter of Samuel). However, it is very common to also include the mother's name, as in Yonatan ben Moshe v'Rivka (Jonathan son of Moses and Rebecca), or Sarah bat Shmuel u'Dvora (Sarah daughter of Samuel and Deborah). Some individuals omit a parent for other reasons, such as not being Jewish or having a poor relationship; names with only the mother's name are common, such as Yonatan ben Rivka (Jonathan son of Rebecca), or Sarah bat Dvora (Sarah daughter of Deborah). Sometimes, individuals may add something after their name to show a special status: HaKohen or HaLevi for a person of priestly or levitical descent, or HaRav or HeḤazzan for a rabbi or cantor.

If you don't know the person's Hebrew name, it is certainly possible for us to make a plaque with only the English name. Or, if you need help with their Hebrew name, we are happy to assist; contact with any questions.

Zichronam livracha (may their memory be for blessing).

Your contact info:

The person you're remembering:

(like: John Smith)
(like: יונתן בן משה ורבקה)
(If you do not know how to spell the name or you need help, you can leave this blank and we can help you)
(like: Yonatan ben Moshe v'Rivka)
(This will not be printed, it's just to help make sure the Hebrew name is correct)
(Did this person or one of their parents have a special status that might alter their name? Are they a kohen, a levite, a rabbi, a cantor, a convert, something else?)

Dates (we will verify that English and Hebrew dates match)

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(Do you have any comments or questions? Is there something you want us to check? Do you want to lay out your memorial plaque in a special way? Let us know here.)
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