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Our members are the reason we are able to sustain and grow this vibrant community.

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To renew your membership, all you need to do is fill out the payment form and log in with your e-mail address when prompted to do so. In future years, you will be billed for the same membership type/tier; you can contact us at any time to make changes to your account. To access the payment forms, just scroll down, or click here .

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Membership is not required to visit or even to participate in services and events. We encourage you to join us at events and get to know our community!

Are you a member of another synagogue who likes being a part of TBI's community, services and programs? Learn about an associate membership!

Why become a member of TBI?

Your membership at TBI supports your spiritual growth and connection with our community, and supports TBI's programming, staff, and growth. Being a member of TBI is like being a member-supporter of your favorite radio station. You are sharing some of what you have for a stake in the direction of your Jewish communal life. 

How does it work? 

As a member, your benefits include:

  • Tickets to our High Holy Days services for all adults and children included in your membership
  • Life cycle events like baby namings and funerals
  • Ability to enroll children in our Torah School
  • Discounted Tickets to Certain Events
  • Access to our Composter
  • Ability to vote at the Annual General Meeting and special congregational meetings
  • Ability to serve on our Board of Directors
  • Support for community growth and development

How much does it cost?

Your annual commitment to TBI is what allows us to operate in the first place, and that support requires your trust. With the spirit of transparency in mind, we anticipate our entire annual operation to cost approximately $235,000 in 5784– a fraction of our closest neighboring congregations, but a considerable amount nonetheless. As such, if every household in our community contributes $2050 this year, our community will be a fully sustainable operation. While we encourage everyone to contribute what is comfortable to them, anyone who can contribute above this sustaining rate will support the membership of those who cannot. 

There is no obligation for anyone to contribute at or above the sustaining rate if your household’s base membership tier does not reach that high – we only wish to communicate this number so that people can make an informed decision regarding their annual commitment to TBI. Regardless of what your household is comfortable contributing, we are incredibly grateful for your involvement and investment in our community.

We offer several types of memberships, for individuals and families of different ages and stages of life. Within each membership type, we offer 3 tiers. All tiers have the same membership benefits, and we encourage members to contribute at the level they are able:

  • The member tier helps us to run our services, programs and events year-round.
  • The sustainer tier helps us to grow our programming and spiritual support.
  • The guardian tier enables us to enrich our offerings and improve our home and grounds for future generations.

Click on your membership type to see the rates at all tiers, or click on the annual or monthly rate to go directly to the payment form:

TBI's membership rates are designed to be affordable within the LA Jewish community, but we never want financial barriers to prevent you from participating fully in our community. We are always willing to work with our members' budgets to find a contribution that is meaningful but financially feasible. To request such an arrangement, e-mail us or fill out this form:

Financial assistance request form 

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