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Whether you're a familiar face or a new friend, thank you for considering us your Jewish home.

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Whatever stage of life you're in, TBI invites you to join our inclusive community

Our individual and couple memberships are for adults without children living with them. You'll get full access to the benefits of membership, including High Holy Days tickets, life cycle events, and pastoral support. TBI offers a wide variety of events, including classes for adults, several different types of services throughout the month, and holiday parties with food and ritual for the whole community. We also invite you to connect as a volunteer, by working in the kitchen or the garden, organizing events, or presenting your own Torah study through our member drash program.

Already a member? Renewing is easy! 

If you're renewing your membership, you already have an account, so there's no need to fill in an application. Review pricing and fill out your payment form here.

Not a member yet? Fill out an application!

If you're new to us, we ask that you fill out a new member application to set up an account. Every member has an online account with us to keep track of payment and Jewish life cycle events and updates. Your personal information is stored with ShulCloud, and is never shared with third parties.

A representative from TBI will process your application right away and get in touch to answer any questions you might have and direct you to register. 

New member application

Set up your membership

Membership pricing for individuals or couples for the upcoming year is shown below. Select the payment form for the option you want (monthly or annual). When prompted by the form, log in with your e-mail address to access your account. In future years, you will be billed for the same membership type/tier; you can contact us at any time to make changes to your account.

You'll be asked to choose a membership tier: member, sustainer, or guardian. Each membership tier comes with the same benefits - access to services and events, high holidays tickets, spiritual support, and leadership voting rights - but includes a different annual or monthly contribution. Scroll down to read more about how your support impacts TBI. 

We accept payment online via e-check or credit card (processed by togetherpay).  If you select an annual payment option, you will need to pay when you submit the form. If you select a monthly option, you will be billed for the whole year and will be able to set up monthly payments toward that total.  If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please contact us directly at

Individual pricing

Membership Type

Monthly cost

Annual cost

Member (individual) $90 ($1,080/year) $1,058 ($22 savings)
Sustainer (individual) $126 ($1,512/year) $1,482 ($30 savings)
Guardian (individual) $180 ($2,160/year) $2,117 ($43 savings)

Payment form

Payment form

Couples pricing

Membership Type

Monthly cost

Annual cost

Member (couple) $133 ($1,596/year) $1,569 ($27 savings)
Sustainer (couple) $187 ($2,244/year) $2,197 ($47 savings)
Guardian (couple) $267 ($3,204/year) $3,137 ($67 savings)

Payment form

Payment form

Membership tiers, explained.

We cannot thank our members enough for their continued support, and we do everything we can to support their spiritual growth and Jewish identity. We've heard from some of our members that they would love to have the option to contribute more, knowing they would be helping TBI to increase our diverse offerings for deepening spiritual and interpersonal connection in a Jewish space.  We know finances can be a sensitive topic, so to allow for the many circumstances and budgets in our diverse community we offer three tiers of membership. Every membership tier comes with the full rights and privileges of membership at TBI, including admission to all ticketed High Holy Days services. 


This is our basic membership tier.  If everyone joined at this level, TBI would continue to run as it currently does, with a similar budget, similar events, and similar appeals for donations at events and by e-mail.


This tier is for those who can contribute at a slightly higher rate, and is based on sustaining our current operations using membership revenue, and dedicating fundraising to growing and enriching our home and our programming. If everyone joined at this level, TBI could maintain its current operations without further fundraising, and any donations we received would help us to offer more community events, increase the time our clergy can spend working with us, and make improvements to our building and grounds.


This tier is based on sustaining our ideal budget (increasing what we can do for our community) without additional donations. If everyone joined at this level, our budget would allow us to work toward increasing staff support and expanding the kinds of events available at TBI.


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