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Booth Festival 2021

YES! It is time to build a booth and dwell all up in it!


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Dwelling in the Booth
When to Come Visit and Eat in our Booth

"Seven Days you shall Dwell in Booths!" (Lev 23:42).

Friday, September 24th - 7:00pm: Volunteer Appreciation Pot-Luck Dinner in the Sukkah and Ushpizin. We will continue our custom of each person having a chance to symbolically invite personal Ushpizin / Ushpizot (relatives, friends, or personal heroes) into our shared Sukkah. You don't need to be a volunteer to appreciate one (ie. everyone is welcome)! 

Saturday, September 25th - 10:15am: Shabbat Morning Service and Bat Mitzvah of Paloma Strike. Kiddish in the Sukkah.

Monday, September 27th - 8:00am - Hoshanah Rabbah: Special Service and Circular Dance to bring on the Rainy Season. On the 7th day of Sukkot, five willow branches are beaten on the ground to symbolize the elimination of sin. This is also symbolic as a prayer for rain and success in agriculture. Interpretive dancing is encouraged as well. If you have never experienced this mystical ritual, here is your chance!


Monday, September 27th - Sundown: Shemini Atzeret Begins: A special holiday at the end of Sukkot, there is a custom to prepare and eat stuffed foods indicating the hidden mystical nature of the celebration. Stuffed foods include: stuffed peppers, cabbage, grape leaves, samosas, pupusas, and especially tamales. If you have a Booth, it is customary for some to perform kiddish in the Booth and then eat one's meal inside, symbolizing the transition away from Sukkot.

Tuesday, September 28th - 10:15am - Shemini Atzeret Morning Service with Yizkor: Remember your loved ones at this special service, led by Cantor Ken and Rabbi Rosner.

Tuesday, September 28th - 7:00pm - Simchat Torah Service: Final blowout party of the season with circular dancing and night time Torah Reading! Kids are always welcome but are especially encouraged to come to this event.

🍋 Lulav and Etrog Sharing Program 🌿

Shake the Traditional Plants in the Booth

If you are taken with the idea of Building a Sukkah or just want to Shake the Shake-ables, consider participating in our Four Species Sharing Program. The sets will be available for pickup this Sunday 9/19, from 9:30am to Noon. They can also be delivered to your residence during Chol HaMoed. To participate, we ask that you be willing to then deliver these sets on to the next person in the chain, who requests them. This program is free but we do ask you to consider making a donation if you are able, to underwrite the program. To participate, click here for instructions.

Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782