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This year's High Holidays are going to look and feel a little different; here's how. 

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This page was last updated and reviewed on July 4th. 

The upcoming 2020 High Holidays are on everyone's minds. On behalf of the Rabbi, Cantors and Board of TBI, we want to be as upfront as possible with our members and guests- we want to share everything we know so far and what we've learned from our peer synagogues, government leaders and our own research. We do not yet know exactly what the High Holidays will be like this year, but we will be keeping this page updated with the most recent, relevant information. 


A letter from Rabbi Rosner, on behalf of the Board, about working towards re-opening 


To our members: it's not too late to have a say! 

We want to craft High Holiday programming that is meaningful to you, that meets the moment and that fulfills your needs for connectedness, community, reflection and renewal. There are plenty of ways to let us know how you feel, no matter how much time you have:

  • If you have five minutes, take our survey to give us some initial feedback
  • If you want to talk in more detail, let us know at and we can give you a call to talk through any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions with you personally
  • If you want to play a role in planning the High Holiday programming, join one (or more) of our ritual committee meetings (check the events calendar for the next date)
  • If you want to get your hands dirty, join our High Holiday committee (let us know at


To our guests and visitors: we want to know how you feel about these High Holidays!

One of our proudest traditions at TBI is welcoming guests from near and far for High Holiday services.  Some of our members bring extended family; some visitors join our community for the first time; some students find a Jewish home in a new city. We know this year will be different, and we want to hear from you about how you want to participate and what you're looking for from this year's High Holidays. Please reach out to us at to let us know.


Cut to the chase! Will there be in-person High Holiday services this year? 

We have not ruled out an in-person component to our High Holiday services, but as the letter from Rabbi Rosner and our covid-19 update page explain, these in-person gatherings would be different from the services we held before. We would not be able to accommodate our typical full capacity, and the types of activities we could perform in the sanctuary would be limited. It is possible that the Rabbi and Cantors, or a minyan (group of 10 participants necessary for a Torah service) could be present in the sanctuary, but it is highly unlikely that we could recreate the services we held last year. 

We will announce finalized plans soon, but we hope that this provides some context to the decisions we are undertaking.


Will the mitzvot of the High Holidays be fulfilled? 


Rabbi Rosner has been working alongside clergy from across the region to ensure that our modified practices will still meet the needs of the community, and fulfill our religious obligations. 


Will the Rabbi, Cantors and congregants still chant important prayers like Kol Nidre? 

Yes! It may not be in-person as we are used to, and it may not be with all of us in the same room, but we are working our hardest to preserve the parts of the service that we all, cherish. 


Will we still hear the Shofar blown?

Count on it.

These traditions are among the most important to us as a community, and we will find creative ways to share in them this year as in years past. 


If in-person services are not feasible, will the alternative be a 3-4 hour Zoom call? 

Not exactly.

We've heard from our membership already and want to hear more- it seems to be that there is a desire both for the complete service to be made available, and for a modified, accessible, digestible program to be offered. We are hoping that if in-person gatherings are not feasible, that we can do all of the above. 


Will TBI charge the same ticket/membership prices for modified services and programming? 

The Board has decided to take the following actions so far- membership prices will not increase for the coming year, given the difficult situation that we are all facing. If we are not able to hold in-person gatherings, we may elect not to charge typical ticket prices for alternative programming, and we hope that members and guests would consider making a donation in lieu of High Holiday tickets. 

Where will the finalized details be posted? 

Once the plan for this year's High Holidays has been finalized, you'll find the details right here. In the meantime, this page will be updated with more detailed information as we have it- check the top of the page to see when the last updates were made. 

Thu, August 6 2020 16 Av 5780