Temple Beth Israel’s Mitzvah Crew Volunteer Program

Temple Beth Israel’s Mitzvah Crew volunteer program is designed to:

  • Enhance our sense of community
  • Sustain Temple Beth Israel and our programming
  • Keep members engaged as volunteers over the long-term and prevent overtaxing individual volunteers
  • Let everyone’s voices be heard
  • Help us all learn how to “do” Judaism, and
  • Thank and recognize the many people that it takes to run the TBI community.

We ask that every temple member volunteer for 3 – 4 events per year – or more! Community service is an important aspect of Judaism, and our Mitzvah Crew program offers a wonderful opportunity for us all to work together in supporting the TBI community.

You can sign up for TBI volunteer opportunities on this VolunteerSpot page, which has links for each individual event and activity:

CLICK to view Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerSpot