Synagogue Etiquette

Cellphones - please refrain from using cellphones to call, email, stream video, etc, inside the synagogue on Friday night, Saturday, and holidays. If you are on-call or in case of emergency, please discretely step outside the building. During non-holidays, instagram to your heart's content!

Photography - Jewish tradition is not to take photographs on Shabbat and many holidays. It is best to ask if it is ok before photographing.

Children - Children are welcome at all services and events. 

Dress - Smart casual. Some more traditional members will wear a tie. Unique expressions of personal fashion encouraged. Colors and patterns welcome.

Jewish prayer dress - Prayer Shawls may be worn by Jews of all genders during morning services (not during evening services except on Yom Kippur). Head coverings are worn by all genders during all religious services. Tefillin (phylactaries) may be worn during weekday morning services. If you are not Jewish, the custom is not to wear a prayer shawl, teffilin, or yarmulke 

Animals - Service animals only please! 

Hammock and garden furniture - it is there to be enjoyed!



Certain aspects of Jewish religious ritual involve participation of the congregation. As in all religions, there is a separation between the parts of the service open to everyone and ritual components reserved for practitioners. Non-Jewish guests are welcome to come to services and ask as many questions as you would like of our clergy. 

Being called to ascend the Bimah to "take an Aliyah" (chant the blessing over the Torah), lighting Shabbat candles, and other religious rituals are parts of the service that are customarily performed by Jews over 12 or 13 years of age. If you are one of our non-Jewish guests and you are asked to perform one of these rituals, it is polite to decline.

TBI has many families with spouses from different religious traditions. TBI practice is that a non-Jewish partner may ascend the Bimah and stand together with their Jewish partner as the Jewish partner recites the blessings. 

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