How to become a Member

Jewish individuals, and families with at least one Jewish member, are eligible for membership in Temple Beth Israel.  Single people, interfaith families, and gay families are specifically invited.

Please visit us, participate in our activities, and get to know us. If you decide to join our synagogue family, you can use the “Buy Now” button below, which will process your credit card or PayPal payment through the PayPal service.

Membership is vital to the continued well being and even the continued existence of the temple.


 2014-15/ 5775 —TBI Moves to “Sustainable Membership”

A “sustaining” membership gives everyone a chance to support TBI

In response, our Board has approved the following categories of “Sustaining Members” based on the principle that each category of affiliation helps to sustain TBI.  Please see the categories below.

In addition, a category called “Sponsors” encourages support at higher levels that will help us invest in TBI’s future. We will also offer opportunities to sponsor specific projects like Torah Scroll repair or student tickets to the Second Seder.

Through these two categories, we can “re-new” TBI so that our 90 year history becomes a 120 year history! Please re-new your commitment to TBI – especially before High Holidays.

Sustaining Memberships for 5775


2013-2014 / 5774

 Last Year

2014 – 2014 / 5775


Single Sustaining Member  (ages 20 – 61)



Family Sustaining Member



Single Senior    (age 62+)



Senior Couple   ( at least one is 62+)




Sponsors   5775


Minimum Gift Beyond Sustaining Membership

Suggested Greater Gifts

Nedavim ( “Donors”)


$50 per month

Petuchai Lev  ( “ Opened Hearts”)


$75 per month

Amudim  ( “Pillars”)


$100 per month

Bonei Kehilla (“ Builders of the Community”)


$200 per month


*Sustaining Membership Benefits -

  • As a TBI sustaining member, you will receive one High Holiday ticket per adult (valued at $100 each)
  • No separate Building Fund contribution – it is included in your sustaining membership
  • A 50% reduction on all tickets to the TBI Community Second Seder  ( a $25 – 30 value per  ticket)
  • TWO complimentary registrations in the “Preparing for High Holidays” workshop series in September, 2014 (a $95 – $180 value)

Our dues schedule is, we feel, very reasonable. We want to provide “affordable Judaism.” It is our policy that money should not be a barrier to participation. If you want to make special arrangements, please and we will arrange a conversation.

Membership runs from September 1 through August 31.

Membership Levels