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Temple Beth Israel’s (TBI) Torah School is an inclusive
educational program that focuses on developing our students’
Jewish identity and their personal connection to Jewish tradition
and to each other. 
-TBI Torah School Mission Statement


Welcome to Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock, supporting lifelong Jewish
journeys of learning. Our Torah School endeavors to bring children and parents, grandparents, and
community members into intergenerational explorations of the joy and gems of Jewish tradition,
beginning at the youngest ages.

We celebrate Jewish cultural, ritual, and ethical life by building meaningful relationships among
students, providing accessible and relevant educational components, and involving parents in their
children’s learning.  We respect and encourage each student’s unique ability to interpret and
contribute to this Jewish educational journey as we prepare and empower them and their families for
a lifelong process of doing so.
We also recognize that offering meaningful learning opportunities is important—opportunities that
occur in the company of one’s peers, in the space of the synagogue, and in collaboration with
passionate and capable teachers.

“We do not need more textbooks, what we need are more text
-Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Heschel, a prophetic and beloved figure of American Judaism of the 20th century, called for
passionate, engaging Jewish learning experiences. This philosophy informs the TBI Torah School

Our program meets for formal learning throughout the 10 months of the school year on Sundays and
select Friday evenings, and through the year for holidays, informal gatherings, and special occasions.
Each year builds on previous experiences. Start early to garner all the richness and begin building
your relationships with our community and our shared heritage. No matter where you are in your
own journey, we welcome your joining ours.



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Madrichim Veteran Students Program (Grades 8-12)

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