Purim was a blast and a half.

We had about three times as many activities for Purim this year than we've ever had before. Our first Whole Megillah reading, special performances by Jubilation Musical Society, and - you guessed it - a Carnival!

For the first time in a long time, some enthusiastic TBI congregants wanted to host a reading of the entire Megillah this year. Oh yes, you say, that sounds like a great way to spend a Wednesday night. Let's all go to Shul and read.

Obviously, you haven't experienced these TBI congregants. Costumes, signs, real quality acting, and did I mention the silly hats? Braja made just about everything you could imagine into Hamentaschen, including tacos (er, Tacotaschen), there was a Notorious RBG in the house, so my day was made. That was just the beginning!

Bill Burnett and his Jubilation Musical Society told the story in a whole new way - let me just say that if you missed it, you had better come next year.

Rabbi Robin Podolsky took it home with a rousing discussion of the Queer aspects of Purim. We got our intellectual on, widened our perspectives, and generally felt great afterwards!

But that's not all...that was just Wednesday.

Sunday was all about the kids. Bill Burnett again brought his musical mastery to bear and put on Esther's Destiny for the Limmud and B'Nei Mitzvah classes at the Shul. I just have to say - I love this show. There's something about Bill's take on things that makes being Jewish an awesomely nerdy experience that's just so TBI.

Did I forget? We had our first ever (in recent memory, at least) Purim Carnival at Celebration Kids. The playground was packed with games, balloon artist, happy kids and parents, and a mountain of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches from Mix 'N' Munch. 

Ever seen a balloon artist make a Balloon Queen Esther? That's how we do it at TBI for Purim, folks. Ever had a S'More Hamentaschen by our very own Sadia Staudenmaier?

Better mark your calendars for next year - 'cause it'll be bigger and better, you have my word on that.

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