Join us at the historic Highland Park Mason Building on Saturday February 23 from 9pm until 2am for a masquerade ball.  The custom of masquerading in costume on Purim probably originated among Italian jews during the Renaissance or Late Middle Ages.  The custom of becoming intoxicated on Purim dates back much earlier, the most famous exhortation being to drink until one cannot tell the difference between Haman and Mordecai, i.e. good and evil.

In this spirit, we will have an OPEN BAR and no one will be admitted without a COSTUME OR FORMAL DRESS.

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE.  Suggested donation $30/person for advance tickets, $40 if you pay cash at the door.

Performances will include hip-hop artist AB SOTO (you may know him from TBI member Eli Rarey’s music video short film) as well as assorted other cabaret-style performances throughout the evening.  DJ and dancing until 2am.

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