Spiritual Communities of Los Angeles - LA Weekly

LA Weekly published a great photo spread of TBI!

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Finding Sanctuary - Ed Leibowitz

Below is the link for "Finding Sanctuary," a long-form essay by Ed Leibowitz as appearing in Los Angeles Magazine on September 1, 2008. Ed knows our congregation well. He’s been an important part of our resurgence, and nothing has helped more than than his beautifully written article.

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The Little Shul that Could - Jane Ulman

Below is the link for "The Little Shul that Could," an article by Jane Ulman as appearing in the Jewish Journal on September 7, 2006. Her article really captures what our congregation is like. She spent the time to get to know us and conveys it well. 

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Off the Path - Ari Noonan

Below is an excerpt from Ari L. Noonan's column "Off the Path," appearing in the Heritage Southwest Jewish Press on Friday, October 15, 1993.

Heritage Southwest Jewish Press was the weekly newspaper of the late and great Herb Brin.


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