Tiers of Membership, explained


We are conscious that finances can sometimes be a sensitive topic. However, we’ve also heard from some members that they would love to have the option to contribute more and help TBI increase its offerings. To allow for the many types of people and budgets in our diverse community, we offer several tiers of membership, as follow:


This is our basic membership tier.  Members as this tier have full rights and privileges of membership at TBI, including admission to all ticketed High Holy Days srvices (see above).  If everyone joined at this level, TBI would continue to run as it currently does, with a similar budget, similar events, and similar appeals for donations at events and by email.


This tier is for those who can contribute at a slightly higher rate, and is based on sustaining our current budget. If everyone joined at this level, TBI could maintain its current operation with no additional donations. Any donations we received would help us to offer more community events, increase the time our clergy can spend working with us, and make improvements to our building.


This rate is based on sustaining our ideal budget without additional donations. If everyone joined at this level, our budget would allow us to work toward increasing staff support and expand the kinds of events available at TBI.

Affiliate Membership

It can be hard to choose! If you are a member in good standing at another congregation and would still like to support TBI let us know, we'll work something out.


We want to make clear that the Sustainer and Guardian tiers are not “super-memberships.” A member is a member is a member, and all members will have equal access to the religious programs of TBI and equal voting rights at general meetings. In addition, we offer the warm feeling in your heart from supporting locally-sourced, farm-to-table Judaism on the Eastside.

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