Torah school for 1st through 3rd graders

Our primary grades explore Jewish holidays, values, Hebrew reading, and Israel in interactive classes designed around multiple intelligences. Students learn holiday customs through rituals, stories, music, songs, cooking, and crafts, and they discover Jewish values and history through drama, projects, and field trips. Hebrew books help build reading skills, and assignments as well as supplemental online resources provide for continued Hebrew learning between school sessions.

Kitah Alef - First Grade

Students learn to read Hebrew syllables and build their Hebrew vocabulary through song, games, projects, and basic conversation. They learn mnemonics and fun lessons about how the Hebrew language evolved. They build a vocabulary of Jewish blessings and values and they begin to learn stories from the Torah.

Kitah Bet - Second Grade

Students expand their Hebrew vocabulary and reading abilities using flashcards, online tools, and at-home assignments to reinforce their Hebrew learning between sessions. They create Jewish heirlooms, usable art for at-home rituals, and they learn how and why we use them. Students also learn to lead prayers that are part of our Family Friday services.

Kitah Gimmel - Third Grade

Students build an ethical community, immersing in an exploration of what it means to be a mensch through reflective discussions, art and social action projects. Students build on their Hebrew decoding skills with fun skill-building activities, books and workbooks. Assignments between classes help keep up student and parent Hebrew study between sessions. The class learns to lead prayers that are part of our Family Friday services.


All students who are of the required age by the first scheduled class and who are Family Sustaining members in good standing of TBI are eligible. Not a member yet? Join now! Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up early!

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