High Holiday 2019 Classes and Activities


Memoir Writing Class with Deborah Spector

Join Temple Beth Israel for a 4 session memoir workshop this September as we prepare ourselves for the High Holidays. During this interactive workshop we will explore the themes of personal values, forgiveness, charity and obligation and develop our intentions as we approach the new year. Each workshop session will include large and small group activities and individual writing exercises to bring forth memories on each theme. We will also take time to share our stories.

The focus of the workshop is to offer a supportive and encouraging environment for people who may be new to writing and who are interested in exploring their personal histories and capturing their lives in written form. Please note that the workshop focuses on recognizing and honoring our life experiences and does not include any critique or correction of writing style or grammar. Everyone has stories to share and everyone has a chance to be heard in their own voice. Please join us!

Sessions will be held on Thursday evenings at 7pm on Sept 5, 12, 19, and 26. Sessions will last 90 minutes. RSVP to ADMIN@TBILA.ORG 

Zero Waste Workshop in the Sukkah

Concerned about plastic production and its impact on global warming? Looking for ways to educate yourself and help shift the situation? In honor of the Jewish festival of Sukkot, TBI will be hosting a zero waste workshop for the general community. More info and RSVP HERE

Sukkah Building with Greg Nelson

Join Greg Nelson and members of the community as we build our Sukkah. This year we are planning to build a Sukkah from scratch. Learn about Sukkot and the deep meaning of their impermanence. Date forthcoming.


Slichot and JCC of Family Darkness

Come prepare for the High Holidays with a moth-sytle story event: the JCC of Family Darkness. Alex Nemser will return to facilitate an introspective evening. Explore High Holiday themes with artists from the Institue for Jewish Creativity. We will explore themes like emotional guilt and forgiveness. 

Folllowing the end of Shabbat, we will join together in a melodic Slichot service. This service will sample some of the liturgy of the High Holidays and put us in a thoughtful mood. 

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