Food Guidelines

Food and Potluck Rules

For potlucks, we allow people to bring in food from home. Here are the rules:

  • All potlucks are dairy only.
  • Vegetarian food is OK.
  • Dairy food is OK. This includes milk, cheese, and eggs.
  • No meat.
  • No poultry (chicken, turkey, duck etc.)
  • No shellfish. This includes squid.
  • Most fish are OK, but no eel or sturgeon.

Our kiddush lunches and our potlucks are known throughout Greater Temple Beth Israel-land as the best in town. Come join us!

Key to bringing potluck food to Family Friday and other family and education activities, according to kid’s last name.  (Or your last name, if no kids handy.)

  • A to H: Side-dishes and salads
  • I to L: Desserts or drinks
  • M to Z: Dairy entrée – pasta, casserole, etc.
  • or bring money for the emergency pizza fund

Have a simcha to celebrate or someone to honor? Consider sponsoring a kiddush lunch.

Quick history of the Jews as quoted by Ken:

  • They tried to kill us
  • They failed
  • Let’s eat

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