First Friday of March

First Friday of March Kabbalat Shabbat with Kol HaEmek Choir - 7pm March 6, 2020


Special Choral Shabbat! We have the pleasure to host the Kol HaEmek Community Choir from the San Gabriel Valley Jewish Federation Arts Program, directed by Hazzan Judy Sofer from Temple Beth Shalom in Long Beach. Please join us from this musical service.

About Kol HaEmek Choir:
Kol HaEmek (Voice of the Valley) is a cross-denominational Jewish community chorale bringing sacred and secular Jewish music to the communities served by the Jewish Federation of San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, and beyond. The chorale is comprised of singers from throughout the area. They sing a diverse and sophisticated repertoire of traditional and contemporary Jewish music that is exciting and fresh to singers and listeners alike. Their goals are to build community through Jewish music, provide joyful celebration of Jewish heritage, and introduce new ways of understanding the variety of Jewish musical traditions.

In Shabbat visits with member temples, Kol HaEmek’s goals are to support and enhance each congregation's worship, working together with the leaders of the service. They usually sing a dozen or so prayers and hymns in both familiar and unfamiliar settings, in Hebrew and English, interspersed and integrated with the order of the Shabbat service. Some are traditional melodies set into polyphonic choral arrangements, others are reimaginings by contemporary or older composers in beautiful and soulful motifs.

The selections this year includes the following prayers and composers.

Shiru L'Adonai – Lawrence Avery
Lechu N'Ranana - Steve Cohen
Mizmor L'David – Shlomo Carlebach
Lecha Dodi – Aminadav Aloni
Bar'chu – Salamone Rossi
Ahavat Olam – Aminadav Aloni
Sh'ma/V'ahavta – Debbie Friedman
Emet V'Emunah – Aminadav Aloni
Mi Chamocha- Gerald Cohen
Hashkiveinu – Danny Maseng
V’Shamru – Debbie Friedman
Tree of Life – Nefesh Mountain
Hassidic Kaddish – J Koussivitsky
Bayom Hahu – Michael Isaacson
Adon Olam – Aminadav Aloni

Four of these are from the Shabbat service Shir Chadash by Ami Aloni, a Los Angeles-based 20th century composer, and two are choral settings of widely sung melodies written by the beloved local cantor, Debbie Friedman. Others range in time and space from a madrigal written in the early 1600’s by the Italian maestro Salamone Rossi to a ballad written in 2018 by the American bluegrass band, Nefesh Mountain.

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