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Some of our Favorite Things about TBI Torah School

Parents, faculty, and students share some of their "highlights" of the Torah School experience:

  • learning all of the letters of the alef-bet!
  • seeing my friends each week!
  • Chocolate hallah!
  • Learning about the Ethiopian Jews and tasting Ethiopian food!
  • Learning how to talk in Hebrew!
  • ​Coming on Shabbat with all the other children
  • Hearing the children harmonize the morning blessings​ and prayers​
  • Seeing the students huddled in learning on the bimah
  • Bringing a grump 10-year old in the morning and picking up a bubbly, happy 10-year old 2/5 hours later, every time
  • Hearing the students greet each other with Shabbat shalom, Boker tov, and other Hebrew expression​s​
  • ​Learning a lot as a parent volunteer, going in and out of the classrooms
  • Seeing our children enjoying learning and growing with their siblings
  • ​Re​alizing ​how much ​our kids are learning about being Jewish--folktales, values, stories, customs, blessings, Hebrew
  • Seeing how the older students are becoming role models of the younger students
  • ​Working with the teaching assistants​
  • ​Seeing how happy the teachers are to share their love of Jewish life --they're really passionate and it brings a lot of joy​
    ​being part of a community that cares about everyone and is growing​

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