TISHA B'AV: Lament in Painful Times: Sometimes We Just Have to Let it Out . . . and Judaism gives us that chance.

Lament Saskia

Lament Saskia Statue Photo Credit Machiel van Zantenn

Please join Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock and Eastside Jews for a 24 Wail!

Jewish tradition sets aside Tisha B’Av (9 Av in the Jewish calender) as a time of full permission to mourn those losses, which have become part of who we are.

Our tradition teaches that on the 9 Av, the Israelites succumbed to their fears and worshipped the Golden Calf. On the 9 Av, the generation who had been saved from slavery in Egypt were told that they were too attached to their old ways and would die in the desert before their children inherited the promised land. On the 9 Av, the first Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonian Empire, because Judean society had become hopeless corrupt, favoring the rich over the poor and worshiping idols. On the 9 Av, the second Temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire, because Judean society was torn apart from the inside by baseless hatred. On the 9 Av in 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain. On the 9 Av, the “final solution,” Hitler’s plan for genocide was approved.

This is a day dedicated to acknowledging collective and individual loss. You don’t have to want a sacrificial temple back to fall into this time when we are aloud to mourn, immoderately and long.

We all have losses that leave scars: deaths, breakups, financial catastrophe, friendships in ruins.

Our country has experienced wrenching loss in the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and those of five police officers in Dallas.

We could all use a good 24-hour howl.

It is traditional to observe Tisha B’Av as though we sit shiva. No eating, no drinking, no washing, no sex. (No essential oils or other cosmetics either.) We cover mirrors and windows (don’t worry about me, I’ll just sit here in the dark). We deny ourselves the most wonderful Jewish treat of all—Torah study, except for Eichah (the Book of Lamentations).

For 24 hours we have permission for messy, excessive, gross mourning—immoderately noisy or in stunned silence; With our bodies; With our words.

We are coming together to take that time. Please join us at Temple Beth Israel 5711 Monte Vista Avenue in Highland Park for a 24 Wail. Only you can make that happen. Please bring your stories, your poems, your prayers, teachings, your mourning music (voice only, no instruments, please), your bodies. We invite your offerings on lament and loss. 


Saturday, August 13:

Shabbat 3rd Meal 7:30pm

Maariv/Havdalah 8:30pm

Commemorative Candling Lighting 9:00pm

Eichah reading 9:30pm

Lament freestyle 10:00pm until  .  .  .

Sunday, August 14

Ending Ceremony / Havdalah 8:30pm


Led by Rabbi Robin Podolsky, Bernhard Rohrbacher, Joe Tepperman and Braja Tarletz.

Suggested Donation: $18

August 13, 2016 at 7:30pm - August 14, 2016
Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock
5711 Monte Vista St
Highland Park, CA 90042
United States
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Braja Tarletz · 626.831.7970
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