Board of Directors

2019-2020 (5780) Board of Directors



Libby Boroson - Board Secretary and Membership Chair

Michael Freedman, Fundraising Chair

Ray Gill, At-Large

Alice Landolph, Events and Social Calendar Chair

Raphael Leib, Board President and Security Liason

Jonathon Markowski, Board Vice President and Communications Co Chair

Brian Pepper, Ph.D., Board Treasurer and Fundraising Committee Chair

Jerry Schneider, Building and Grounds / Levitical Committee Chair

Noémie Taylor - Rosner, Events Co Chair, Communications Committee


Past President (5778): Josh Kaufman


TBI has a 90 year tradition of passionate and dedicated leadership. Our synagogue has been established, sustained, and has arrived at this moment in part through the efforts of our board members, past and present. 


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