Beit Midrash Program

Torah School for 4th to 8th Graders

The focus of Hebrew study at this point is on liturgy—deepening engagement with meaning and enhancing fluency. Bar/batmitzvah preparation is conscious, though personal preparations are done with TBI tutors rather than in class. Students learn to take a leadership role in the Family Friday services and participate in the SG&PV Shabbaton.

Beit Midrash Alef

Open to 4th and 5th grade students

Students explore Jewish culture around the globe, through the centuries. Classes feature guest speakers, video clips, introductions to Jewish arts, customs, recipes, foods, Hebrew, and stories from around the world. Hebrew at this level builds students’ readiness to read from the siddur.

Beit Midrash Bet

Open to 6th grade students

Students enter into an interactive exploration of Torah stories from Genesis and Exodus, learning how to see the text through the lens of their own experiences as children, siblings, and global citizens. Each week, they explore an additional dimension of the morning liturgy from the bimah, introducing the meaning, context, values, and vocabulary of the basic prayers of the Shabbat morning service as well as blessings for the home, including Shabbat and holidays.

Beit Midrash Gimmel

Open to 7th and 8th grade students

Students deepen their familiarity with Torah by exploring the weekly Torah portion together as a class and at home in between sessions. Each week, they explore an additional dimension of the morning liturgy exploring the meaning, context, values, and vocabulary of the Shabbat morning Amidah and Friday evening liturgy. Students and parents are encouraged to join weekly Shabbat morning services for an immersive learning experience with their peers and the wider community.


All students who are of the required age by the first scheduled class and who are Family Sustaining members in good standing of TBI are eligible. Not a member yet? Join now! Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up early!

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