Beit Midrash Program


Kindergarten – Grade 2
Our youngest students explore Jewish life through the five senses, learning through
stories, music, crafts, cooking, Shabbat and Holiday rituals. They learn the Hebrew
alphabet, through vocabulary, prayer, games, stories, art, music, reading and
writing. These exercises help familiarize them to the sights and sounds of the
Hebrew language. During our Torah School weekly Tefilah, they have the
opportunity to hear and learn to chant the prayers that they learned in class.

Grades 3-7
Our Hebrew program is taught with an emphasis on Jewish Prayer—learning
phonics, learning how to read, writing, grammar and vocabulary. All grades work
toward mastering portions of our Shabbat Liturgy. Our Students learn about
Mitzvot, Jewish theology, how to read and chant as well as learn the meaning of
our prayers. It is our goal to enable our students, so when the time comes, they will
be able to lead our congregation in the service at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah

All of our Students have the opportunity to explore Jewish culture from around the
globe. They will look at Jewish life throughout the centuries. Classes include
Mitzvot, Jewish History, Israel, the Jewish Calendar, role models of the
synagogue, Menschlichkeit, introduction to Jewish arts, customs, recipes, foods,
music, Jewish stories from around the world and multi-generational programming.
Our Students enter into an interactive exploration of Torah stories learning how to
see the text through the lens of their own experiences as children, siblings, and
global citizens. Each week, they explore the Parasha Hashavuah introducing the
meaningful content of the weekly Torah portion, context, values, and vocabulary
of these significant stories. They will also learn the prayers from the Shabbat
liturgy that will help them in their B’nai Mitzvah experience.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is conscious, though personal preparations are done
with private tutors rather than in class. Students learn to take a leadership role in
the Family Friday services

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